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For a magical winterly Christmas season

Winter and Christmas are especially cosy at home. Create an atmospheric ambience for you and your family. Decorate rooms, windows and branches in the Christmas spirit. Find the appropriate flower arrangement for your dining table and enjoy your wonderfully spruced up Christmas tree.

HEITMANN DECO provides you with Christmas hanging décor for windows and rooms, cute figures, flower arrangements, craft accessories, glass baubles, tree decorations, window images, light chains, table decorations, garlands and much more in styles ranging from traditional to modern.
Lucky charms and party items from HEITMANN DECO will help to ensure a successful start in the New Year.

Floristry and room decorations

Christmas decorations

A nicely decorated home makes for a welcome atmospheric advent season. At HEITMANN DECO, you will find floristry and room decorations to ensure just that: Ranging from classic styles all the way to the elegant and trendy. Choose from lovingly decorated, prepared flower arrangements, e.g. in red, silver or white. Find cute hanging décor and wreaths for your windows, doors and walls with stars, hearts, bells made of metal and cones. Natural materials, wood and felt have been used, as well as evergreen branches and cute ribbons and bows.


Happy crafting at Advent

Self-made flower arrangements, door wreathes and small gifts look pretty and are especially unique. At HEITMANN DECO, you can easily implement your own creative ideas. Use wreaths, flower holder frogs, wire, moss und a hot glue gun to create the basis. Choose from our stars, hearts, snowflakes and other strewing products made from precious natural materials with colourful accents to decorate them. Decorative plugs with flowers or figures provide accents, and mirror baubles capture the candlelight. Our products with a self-adhesive spot are ideal for doing handicrafts with children.

Find handicraft ideas for the winterly Christmas season here:

Figure made from ceramics and polyresin

Cute guests during the Christmas season

Happy snowmen, cute angels, bearded gnomes and snub-nosed moose want to come inside. Let the Christmas visitors enter and save them a cosy place on tables, cabinets and windowsills. The figures are manufactured from high-quality ceramics, fine porcelain or modern polyresin. Lovingly modelled and painted, they will guarantee a Christmas atmosphere and Christmas cheer.

Window images, stickers and bags

Heavenly decorated and packaged

Windows decorated in the Christmas style provide enchantment from both outside and inside. Thanks to the wonderful adhesive images of HEITMANN DECO you can decorate your windows particularly lovingly: Angels, Father Christmas and more, as well as stars and snowflakes. The adhesive images are printed on high-quality film and can easily be peeled off again. Merry stickers with sweet designs and stars to adorn every gift, your own creations and Christmas cards. You can then package your presents nicely in the stylish varnish bags.

Christmas lighting

Blaze of lights

Christmas time and light spectacles belong together. Thanks to the Christmas lighting of HEITMANN DECO you can create an atmospheric ambience. Small and large light chains adorn your Christmas trees on the inside and outside, or frame windows and shelves. Use lanterns, welcome lights and illuminated figures and designs to create accents. Cordless chains are particularly suitable for your own creations. Thanks to modern LED technology you will be able to enjoy the long-lasting lighting and save electricity.

St. Nicholas and plush toys

Cute fabrics and plush

Whether it’s sweets and small gifts or an Advent decoration: The Christmas stockings and present sacks made from fabric, felt and plush are always an eye-catcher. Many are decorated with bright appliqués or high-quality prints. The cuddly plush figures of HEITMANN DECO are simply adorable. They will immediately find a pride of place and are also ideally suited as a gift or souvenir. Some come with a magnet, meaning they can also provide cheer on the fridge or the memo board.

Tree decoration

Garlands, hanging ornaments and more for the Christmas tree

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? There are so many possibilities. The cute wooden figures such as angels or Christmas men and stars made of straw have a nostalgic beauty. The single-colour look with garlands, decorative baubles, strings, hanging décor und tinsel in gold or silver give a particularly elegant look. Hanging décor and decorative baubles with glitter and shining surfaces mirror the many lights. AT HEITMANN DECO, you will find the tree decoration that fits your style to ensure that decorating your Christmas tree is a festive experience!

Glass baubles

The most beautiful ornament

Baubles made from real glass are the highlight of any Christmas tree. They sparkle, glisten and shine in the candlelight and light up the tree. HEITMANN DECO offers you a wide range of real glass baubles and glass treetops, from classic red to modern copper.

Trend, elegance and high-quality glasswork “made in Germany“ is the trademark of the real glass baubles made by our KREBS & SOHN brand. Decorate your Christmas tree in fresh colours, sensual elegance or even with extravagantly decorated baubles.

New Year

Lucky charm for the New Year

Chimney sweeps, four-leaf clovers and little lucky pigs should accompany us through a successful new year. Follow this wonderful old tradition. Send your loved ones your best wishes with HEITMANN DECO lucky charms. Cutely designs for hanging, positioning and fastening, these friendly messengers will find a nice place anywhere. Party products such as garlands, hats and glow sticks will be sure to put you in a happy New Year mood.