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Spooky Halloween

Halloween is great fun: It combines the fun of spooking and dressing up. Celebrate Halloween authentically. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without pumpkin faces, which, thanks to HEITMANN DECO, you can easily cut out yourself with our practical pumpkin carving set.

We have imaginative Halloween costumes for young and old alike as well as masks, wigs, make-up and crazy contact lenses as creepy accessories.

Create a haunted castle atmosphere with Halloween decorations supported by moody lights and sounds: Spooky laughter, creepy moans and bright pumpkin light chains will help achieve that party atmosphere.

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Kids’ costumes

Go as a skeleton, a witch or a cute pumpkin!

Go as a skeleton, a witch or a cute pumpkin!
What will you dress up as at Halloween? Find a spooky costume at HEITMANN DECO. Become a cheeky red devil, a creepy vampire or a glow-in-the-dark skeleton. Be a magical witch or a cute pumpkin. Maybe you are just missing a batman or vampire cape with a red collar for the costume you have put together yourself? Dressed like this you are bound to be the spooky star at Halloween.

Adult costumes

For grown-up witches and wizards

You are planning to make a grand entrance at the next Halloween party? Then HEITMANN DECO is the right choice for you. Experienced witches, terrifying demons and sophisticated vampires will find their appropriate outfit here. Complete costume sets with skirts, dresses or trousers, tops and headgear such as hats can be found in our range of products, as well as the cloak to put the final touch to your own costume creation.

Masks, wigs and hats

The special something for your costume

Imaginatively designed masks, wigs and hats provide your Halloween costume with the final touch. Long hair wigs in black with red or white turn you into a dark Femme fatal: It will be sure to turn heads. Elaborate hats for young and old alike impress thanks to spider webs and self-illuminating designs. The hairband with a bat also stays in place when you are flying on your broomstick. If you are serious about spooking you will choose one of our truly fearsome Halloween masks.

Make-up and cosmetics

Perfect make-up for your spooky entrance

Provide the right finishing touches to your Halloween outfit with the right make-up. At HEITMANN DECO you will find a wide selection of make-up products and cosmetics. Thanks to the practical make-up sets you can transform yourself into classic Halloween figures like a vampire, a witch or the devil. Glitter make-up and self-illuminating make-up will help you to enact a positively terrifying entrance. Artificial blood, dentures, bloody Halloween tattoos and black nail varnish and lipstick provide lots of drama. Feather eyelashes, colour hairspray and fluorescent fingernails all serve to provide a positively magical charisma.

Clothing: Accessories

Spooky details for your Halloween costume

A rubber nose with a wart, small pin-on spiders, the trident for the devil and scary teeth: The appropriate accessories will give your Halloween costume added bite. The HEITMANN DECO Spiderman or bat glasses also do the trick. Supplement your costume with these eerie details. Or you can employ these spooky messengers as a subtle eye-catcher. For example if you open the door for the small ghosts at Halloween …  argh!

Contact lenses

A look of fear

It’s almost as if you were styled by a professional make-up artist: With the HEITMANN DECO crazy contact lenses you are guaranteed to achieve that creepy wow effect.  Let your eyes glow black and dark like those of a witch or a demon. Give yourself the fiery red eyes of a devil or hungry vampire. Use the white zombie eyes to evoke memories of the undead. The crazy contact lenses are soft three-month lenses without prescription strength and can be easily inserted and taken out.


Turn your home into a haunted castle

What once was your home is transformed into a sinister haunted castle at Halloween. Whoever dares to enter will encounter rickety skeletons and ghastly spider webs in illuminous orange and neon green. Spiders can be found everywhere: small black, fluorescent, large in black and orange. In addition, sneering pumpkin garlands and scary table decorations with napkins, plastic cups and straws in a Halloween look.  If you are asked how that all happened, just whisper: “With HEITMANN DECO.“

Light and sound

Recreate authentic cinematic effects

Halloween has to be scary and dark. Thanks to the light and sound products from HEITMANN DECO you can create cinematic effects in your own home. Here small illuminated ghosts hover on the wall. There you will find gleefully cackling skulls and creepy welcome music at the door rings out from the skull of the door sticker. The light chains and hand lamps with ghosts and pumpkin faces, the skulls and sound products are mostly battery-operated and can thus be hung up anywhere or you can simply take them with you. Modern LED technology ensures that the light does not give up the ghost too quickly.

For all your pumpkin needs

Everything for carving and decorating

Carve your pumpkins easily and safely. HEITMANN DECO offers practical carving tools in a set designed for this very task. The fine and rough saws, hollowing spoon and carving knife have all been designed especially for carving pumpkins. They fit perfectly and safely in your hand – also for children. Thanks to the stencils that are included you will be able to conjure up creepy pumpkin faces for Halloween in no time. Luminous pumpkin teeth and LED lights guarantee spooky light effects.